Tamur Tohver

I have accumulated practical, academic, leadership and artistic experiences over 40 years in the fields of Performing Art as a Director, an Actor and an Educator-Trainer. My expertise lies in theatre, Radio and TV directing and acting (over 80 productions in several styles) and teaching, self-development coaching and yogic practices. I am a motivational leader with advanced supervisory. I step easily into roles and make needed positive changes to drive project success. Therefore, I am focused on using training, monitoring and morale-building techniques to maximise team members' engagement and performance in every field of my activities.

PhD Candidate: Performing Arts and Self-Cultivation, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

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These are suitable areas for our development sessions. Did not find what feels perfect or exciting? No worries, get in touch via the form- insight lies in the conversation! My creative coaching combines different forms of study. As my approach is personal, even with corporate clients and a portfolio extensive, we will find the best-tailored solution that suits perfectly. As a result, our clients and students will meet an extraordinary landscape, where fresh, straight-from-the-field experience will land the suitable form of study. Since 1998- Telia, BBC, Corpore, ERR, Estonian Ministery of Culture, Innove, Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, Estonian Energy, SEB Bank, Swedbank, Luminor Bank, LHV-Bank, European Broadcasting Union, Ragn-Sells, Intrum Justitia AS, Elisa, Latvian Radio- to name a few of satisfying projects!

Zero Zone Praxis

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Public Speech

Self-Cultivation Coaching

Spiritual Development

Conscious Nutrition

Performing Arts

I am open to invitations for collaboration in these fields. I also supervise and give workshops on the named subjects; please feel free to enquire more!

Stage, TV and Radio Acting and Directing

Actor/Director Teaching and Training

Public Speech

Curriculum Development

Theatre, Film and Radio Production


Perceptual bodymind practices, grounded on both practical and academic knowledge and personal experience, have led me through exciting and challenging times in my life. I am pleased to share the top of the iceberg of these, accumulated in primary practices I live, improve, and develop daily. As our body is our temple, keeping it balanced and well-maintained is the foundation for an inspiring and fulfilling life.

Zero Zone Practice

Dharma Swasti Sadhana

Conscious Nutrition

Academic Research

I hold BA and MA in Performing Arts. I am trained as a director and an actor and Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) PhD candidate. My research focuses on actor-director collaboration, self-developmental actor training, consciousness and immediate transmission in theatre. After cultivating Dramatin Estonian Public Broadcasting Company for fifteen yea,s; in 2008, Polygon Theatre, which amalgamates professional theatre and drama school, was born. Alongside directing internationally for over thirty years, I have taught performing arts at several universities internationally. I am the author of the book on audio art Silent Listening Is Easier (2003) and articles about performing arts, as well as being a playwright myself.

Zero Zone Praxis against Stage Fright

Performing in State of Higher Consciousness

Acoustic Sign in Audio Flow

Academic Research and Supervison

International Collaborations Welcome!


Personal balance is essential for our daily experience. So I am glad to share my understanding of it around several areas of life.

The S Word: Stanislavsky & Actor Training for the Screen Symposium 2024, University of East London, UK

International Platform for Performer Training 2024 Congress. Zero Zone Praxis: Creative Cultivation. Tampere University, FIN.

The 6th International Dance and Somatic Practices Conference 2023, Zero Zone Praxis: Non-Dual Exchange. Coventry University, UK.

Leadership Conference Coaching 2023 PAUSE: Zero Zone in practice. Common practice with public facilitating. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia

The S Word, Stanislavsky and Mindfulness, 2023: Zero Zone in Stanislavski’s teaching. London South Bank University, UK

Peace of Mind Conference 2022: Zero Zone in practice. Common practice with public facilitating. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia

IFTR 2021: Zero Zone as Creative Ceremony. The International Federation of Theatre Research. Presentation and workshop. Conference 2021 in Galway, Ireland

AusAct 2020: Zero Zone. The Australian Actor Training Conference. Presentation and workshop. Charles Sturt University, Australia

Wellbeing Practices 2019: Zero Point in Balance. Presentation and workshop. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia

Soul Fest 2019: Why Be Afraid of Fear? Stage Fright and Inspiration Awakening. Presentation and workshop. Saaremaa, Estonia

Directing- a new book!

``Directing!`` This is a fresh perspective on contemporary stage directing craft according to nowadays demands and societal understandings. The book gives light to the classical Stanislavskian directing, enriched with my practical experiences from over eighty productions in thirty years with actors from different cultures and nationalities. The reader can find a unique approach with the adjustments connected to online directing, teamwork, actor coaching and the director's personal development. It is written in straightforward language, avoiding too much professional terminology or specific jargon to be easily understood by a person outside of the field.

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