Zero Zone praxis is a self-cultivation praxis that helps create an absolute performing flow, tackle ego-based conflicts and avoid fear manifestations in cooperation. By practising ZZ praxis, one achieves a profound uninterrupted focusing and moves to a higher level of consciousness in their activity. This creates a powerful mutual contact, and both receive an unforgettable experience from the success. Alongside the training, a coach-coachee dyad employs here cultivating directing mode. In repeating analysing cycles, the coach supports the coachee to achieve extra strong concentration and helps them to create a personal conviction about their aim. This makes their performance effectively intimate, talkative, robust and profound.
 Zero Zone is a void. A moment – void – in our mind between continuous decisions and selections. We will learn to capture and design this fragment of mind according to our wishes and aim. At that very moment, we are nowhere. We are free to choose the path to avoid confrontations or selfish behaviour. However, our ego and fear of the unknown hold us back. This is the moment where Zero Zone Praxis appears to support us. This praxis is an idiosyncratic practice which fuses Stanislavskian actor training and directing craft with the perceptual exercises from yogic techniques and philosophical principles (Abhyasa and Vairagya, Yamas and Niyamas).

Zero Zone for Individual and Executive

Zero Zone praxis is a self-cultivation praxis that helps tackle ego-based conflicts in the cooperation between partners and alleviate performance anxiety. It leads practitioners to concentrate on the doing instead of evaluating their performance – how effective am I in the process? By fusing ancient perceptual concentrating, performing knowledge and focus-guiding techniques and Executive Coaching principles, praxis helps to eliminate three primary affections of the human mind: to be somebody, to have control and thereby, to be satisfied. Zero Zone training also explains how to detect whether there is a genuine reason for one’s fears and anxiety regarding being good enough. ZZ is an effective and concrete technique for daily self-reflection. You only depend on yourself.

Zero Zone for Performer and Director

Zero Zone praxis is a performer training technique which allows them to enter a higher state of consciousness and create an unstoppable performing flow. Alongside this, Zero Zone praxis is the director’s enhancing practice which encompasses a coaching approach and introduces a new way of cultivating directing. Praxis helps tackle ego-based conflicts during the rehearsal period in Performing Arts and avoid stage fright manifestations in the actor-director dyad. Zero Zone idiosyncratic practice fuses Stanislavskian actor training and directing craft with the perceptual exercises from Yogic techniques and philosophical principles, facilitated according to coaching principles. ZZ is the future of authentic Performing Arts, which provides a participatory profound experience.

Extraordinary absorption... profound, deep focusing on the task and uninterrupted communication flow

Neil, 41, Deputy Head

I realize sometimes that I am too oriented toward results. I like to achieve, being in the centre of attention. However, it is stressful and I also realize how selfish this attitude could be. It also takes a lot of energy. Zero Zone praxis helps to stay focused on doing and the shift is remarkable!

Rebecca, 37, Sales Manager

The Jump is really effective […] … even with a partner with whom you have been a colleague for a long time. You will discover the eyes and go in a somewhere intense connection.

Alice, 36, Multilingual Actress

This was challenging for me for first – how will the ensemble follow the idea of additional training. Fortunately, they took the extra training as something refreshing, with joy!

Tim, 52, Experienced Director for Stage, TV and Radio

I immediately felt a decisive confrontation as the director started from the wrong end. I used the Shift instead of starting to argue with her to defend my reaction. This saved the situation and bought personal relief!

Laura, 29, Renown film and stage actress

When I feel I will force the solution, I step back now. This provides more space for the ideas coming from the team and encourages us to contribute equally, preventing mistakes. Zero Zone praxis actually decreases my responsibility and increases the department's commitment.

Dave, 47, Executive Manager

Actors usually love games. This made it easy to start with the process, I actually found myself supported by them and this, in turn, reignited myself.

Erin, 69, Director with an outstanding career

The absorption is so strong. I practice it every evening, from the need

Ann, 28, AD

… this helps to get familiar and already into more dedicated connection with new further partners and avoid also stage fright!

Robin, 43, Professional Actor for thirty years