Tiina Tohver

I like balance and harmony around me. In any activity or field, when I perceive inconsistency, I calmly but consistently start to create a system that would help to achieve the result. That is why simplicity, demandingness, gentleness and encouragement are beautifully combined in me. I believe in everyone's abilities, and I will support you in a way that suits you. My experiences and academic knowledge come from coaching, management experience, subordinate experience, entrepreneurship and andragogy. We don't always have to reach everywhere - but together, we achieve the best in the chosen field!
My clients are entrepreneurs, first-level and mid-level managers. In addition, specialists can find support in career and sales success coaching from me, and everyone with a desire for personal development is welcome.
As a coach, I help you discover your potential and expand your possibilities. Clarity, self-confidence, self-belief, self-realization, courage and strength are keywords that coaching can evoke and turn into permanent value. If, after the end of the meeting, you can implement your idea with concrete, well-thought-out action steps, then this is a direct way of creation. And vice versa - if you unravel the idea in your head and realize it is not viable, you can make space for a new one. As a coach, I am supportive and positive. In any case, I believe in you - even if you don't believe in yourself yet!

Certified Therapeutic Coach: Clear Belief Institute, 2023

Andragogy MA: Opportunities to Support Coachs Professional Development (Experience of Coaches Accredited by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF)), Tallinn University 2021

Glad to meet yo!

Coaching is a journey to realize your goal and clarifies how to get there with well-thought-out action steps. If you run a marathon and don't know where the finish line is, you'll never get there. As a solution-oriented coach, I help you discover and shape your abilities. I inspire you to implement solutions in the way that suits you best. Since a person is a whole, I have also looked at all areas of life, with the consent of the coachee, to achieve harmony in them.
Coaching is an agent of change. I am inspired by the sparkle in a person's eyes and the faith in the heart that emerges in the coaching dialogue. This gives the impetus for change. In 2015, I became an ICF-certified coach. 2016 ICF-certified team coach. I primarily offer coaching as a complete solution, i.e. a three-month process is effective. Within this time, we will find appointments as needed.

Business and professional coaching. Goal setting, prioritization, result effectiveness observation, action steps and goal achievement.

Team Coaching

Sales Coaching

Executive Coaching

Personal coaching to find and maintain balance in life as a whole

Coaching for healthful and perfect nutrition

Team Leadership

As a practising manager, I highly value the coaching style of management, which I have used as an organizational manager of a company and as a leader of various sales and service teams. A coaching management style is essential in shaping an internal culture that supports the customer experience, which creates or supports employee satisfaction. But not only that - it encourages the employee to apply a similar communication style when communicating with the client. This creates a long-term and loyal relationship.

Coaching Leadership

Manager coaching: personal development and openness as a manager

Coaching Sales Sales Management

Covision of Sales Managers

My areas

In addition to the above options, here you can find some more specific areas that need a newer approach and are not yet remarkably common today.

Management of sales teams

Sales performance coaching - how to achieve even more?

Coaching sales training for a sales specialist

Personal application coaching of a sales specialist or sales manager

Academic Research

As an andragogue, I believe that standalone training is not enough. The best coaching management style can be acquired through personal experience in continuous cooperation with a coach as a practitioner. In 2011, my research, ``The impact of management and development methods on organizational culture``, opened the way for me to coaching. This was followed by a master's degree in andragogy in 2021 - with a study of the coach's own personal development. These academic works provide a broad base for any professional development opportunities.

Opportunities to Support Coach's Professional Development (Experience of Coaches Accredited by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF)), MA 2021, Tallinn University

Open to co-research or supervision!


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Peace of Mind Conference 2023. Beliefs Create Your Reality. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn, Estonia

Service Conference 2023. Relief of listening: How to create and maintain a great customer relationship with simple, attentive communication? Training, Business Day Conferences, Tallinn, Estonia

Peace of Mind Conference 2022: Relief of listening. What kind of peace of mind does it create to be listened to and understood? Business Day Conferences, Tallinn, Estonia

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A New Book!


How to effectively use coaching tools in sales and (sales) management?

This book is a practical view of the toolbox but also of my journey of growing into a coach with all the joys, fears, setbacks and inspiration. Writing a book is one of the forms of personal development: reflection and observations. A challenge I eagerly accepted!

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    Coaching is an agent of change. The sparkle inspires me in a person's eyes, and the faith in the heart that emerges in a coaching dialogue. This gives the impulse for change.